Phil Edmunds

Phil Edmunds

Sales Consultant

Phil has lived in the local area all his life. He is married with two grown up children who have brought their own homes with their partners and also live locally. Phil Edmunds knows almost everyone but is also well known by a huge following of people. There are few people who have so much heart for so many people and it shows in the unique way he brings sellers and buyers together almost effortlessly at times.

Phil is not a salesperson! He is a great listener. He knows the value of property in this area. He makes the time to help clients make the biggest decision of most people's lives. Phil does not 'knock off' at 5pm. He is willing to keep going even after dark if a client needs more time to be sure of their purchase or sale. Phil has an amazing ability to match sellers to buyers, he is in constant demand placing him amongst the top performing agents in the Maryborough District over the past 10 years.

If you are looking to sell, purchase or simply just to find out what your properties monetary value may achieve. Give Phil a call and experience Professional, Honest and Genuine down to earth service.